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Dear Students,

The Magnet Public School was started in the year 2014 with just 240 students. We believes that “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention ,effort and intelligent execution. The school which began as an institution for the people with just 240 students has recorded exponential growth and is now full fledged co- educational institution with more than 800 Students. When we talk of curriculum, we mean planning involving different types of instrumental strategies. We advocate activity based learning . Children are valued for their skills and the atmosphere in the school ensures their holistic development. “Education is not only learning of facts but training the mind to think ,” Promoting a positive school learning environment is our goal and we work on that by our continuous improvement of teaching and learning. I thank all our parents who have unconditionally trusted us and wholeheartedly supported us . We encourage positive communication and interaction among students, teachers and the wider community. We promise an academic environment which is necessary for learning and achievement, for all our students.


Our Vision & Mission

    Bless our Magnet school and all who pass through its halls of learning. We praise the for our School, and for the heritage into which we have entered. Take away for our school from our mind, and cherish and strengthen whatever is best.

Academics Achievement of The Magnet Public School

The Magnet Public School believes that ‘Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, effort, and intelligent execution .It represents the wise choice of many alternatives .Its choice not chance that determines your destiny.

  • In the short span of 4 years, The Magnet Public School is able to produce very good result .The school has secured 4 merits in both 10th and 12th classes.
  • Three students of 10th class Kashiha, Ishika and Devesh secured 9th, 10th and 8th merits positions.
  • One student of 12th class Garima secured 8th position in the merit.
  • Many student of The Magnet Public School are able to get admissions in NIT, S IMU, UIIT and Medicals streams.
  • Adyta chadda got selected in AIIMS, Keshitiz, Astitva chauhan anhd Kanika got selected in MBBS-Chamba Med.col, Anuj Negi got selected in Tanda Med. Coll. Anchal kapoor , Binny Katoch and Aditya also doing MBBS
  • Ankush , Arnav , Kunal, and Kumud Ranjan got Selected in NIT .
  • Jagriti, Sanchita , Neha Bharti , Akshita and shubham Doing BAMS.
  • Rajat , Anshul, ishan and Prakul got selected in IMU.
  • Shivant ,Akshita, Rohit and Rishabh got selected in UIIT – Shimla.
  • Olympiads and Quiz: The Magnet Public School also had an active participation in different Olympiads, weather it is sport science or any other.
  • In these four academic years more than 1000 student (including all these four session) had participated in Olympiads.
  • Astitva chauhan , Aruvansh chauhan , Shivansh Lakhanpal got Medal Excellence.
  • Sarvesh and Shivansh got selected in National Science Convention in Delhi.
  • Aryan kanwar got 3rd position at CSC Block Level Math Olympiad this year.
  • We also Got 3rd position in quiz competition organized by CSC (Simran and Sameeksha)
  • Cultural Achievements of The Magnet Public School

    In these four years students of the Magnet Public School had participated in different co- curricular activities organized by CSC, DSSA and some other organizations and we are glad to announce that our students had performed brilliantly in all these events and got selected for state and National events.


  • In the year 2015-16 the school secured 1st position in the senior secondary skit competition.
  • We also won the award for the best Actor, best writer and best director.
  • We got 1st position in declamation, 1st in boys’ skit, 1st in girls skit, 1st in folk song and 1st in band (Block Level).
  • And we got selected for state in Skit, and Band.
  • In the year 2016-17 we got 1st position in classical Vocal, 1st position in Declamation, 1st position in Boys Skit, 2nd position in Boys group Dance, 2nd position in Girls Group dance.
  • This year also we participated in DSSA Elementary and Secondary cultural events.
  • Boys skit got 1st position and selected for state at Dharamshala and got 1st position.
  • We got 2nd position in Group Song Participated in Bhijhari.
  • We got 1st position in Girls skit participated at Nadaun and selected for state at Dehar (Mandi) and got 2nd position.
  • Achievement of the Band of The Magnet Public School

  • In 2015-16 we got 1st position in Boys Band in DSSA at Nadaun and Boys Band got selected for state at Dharmshala.
  • In 2016-17 we got 1st position in Boys Band, and 2nd position in Girls Band (In DSSA at Tauni Devi) and Boys Band got selected for state at Kullu.
  • In 2017-18 we got 1st position in Boys Band (In DSSA at Nadaun) and Boys Band selected for state at Mandi.
  • This year i.e. in 2018-19 Boys band got 1st position and selected for state at Dehar (Mandi) and got 3rd position.
  • 2018-19 Our Band had also participated in H.P. Police Brass Band Competition at Bilaspur.
  • DYSO culture activities (Student Youth Festival) Blok level

  • 2016 – we got 2nd position in folk song and 2nd in one act play
  • 2017 -18 declamation 1st position , skit -1st position
  • Group dance -1st position
  • HINDI DIVAS (2014 -2018)

  • The Magnet Public School has been participating in Hindi Divas since our first batch and we are consecutively giving good performance in the block and district level competition and making our presence in the state level competitions every year.
  • Astitva Chauhan , Priya , Sahil Thakur , Samiksha , Sakshi , Ishika Singh ,Sundhi had participated in state level Hindi Divas competitions and had the privilege of getting reward from the hands of our Chief Minster and Govner .
  • In this academic session , 2018 -19 Sahil and Sakshi got 1st position in Essay writing competition in state (Shimla)
  • Environment Day (Inter School Competition)

  • In 2016 we participated in Declamation, Essay writing and Slogan writing and got 1st , 2nd and 2nd positions.
  • The Magnet Public School also participated in 3 days programme organized in Govt. Grils Sr. Sec School Bijhari from 23rd to 27th Oct. In this programme , in the school secured :
  • 2nd position in Declamation (Girls) Rhythm and in Group dance also.
  • 3rd position in boys declamation (Aruvansh)
  • Children Science Congress Competition

  • The School have been participating in CSC competition since its establishment in its every event.
  • Skit -1st (continuously from the last three years)
  • Selected for state (three times) and we also got winning running trophy .
  • Students were selected as the best actor and actress also.
  • Astitva chauhan, samiksha , Rythem , Yatharth were selected as the best actress .
  • The School also got the best writer and director trophies.
  • Recently i.e in 2018-19 CSC state level skit competition we got best writer trophy.
  • The School has also been participating in survey report competition since 2015.
  • Samiksha got 2nd position in survey report (2017-18) .
  • 5 students selected for state in survey report this year ( Garima, Ridhika and Radhika)
  • In 2017 -18 Science Model got selected for state level children science congress held in Solan.
  • Shivansh lakhanpal represented school in state level CSC held at Solan in Math Olympiads.
  • The Science model of our school also got selected for National level JNU held at Bhopal. Anshul and Kunal represented school in this event at Bhopal.
  • Sanskriti Vibhag Competition (Geeta Jayanti)

  • 1st in Bhajan Gayan
  • 1st in slok Ucharan (Urvi Parhar)
  • Sports Achievements of the Magnet Public School

  • The Magnet Public School believes that “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there, we believe that we need to do good not only in Academics but in Sports too. The Magnet Public School provides every opportunity to inculcate sports in students.
  • The students participated in various block, district, state and National level tournaments.
  • In 2015-16 Four student of the school participated in under 14 state level football tournament held at Bilaspur. And the team won the state level tournament.
  • Two student represented the school in senior state footwall tournament (2015-16)
  • The school football team was runner up in in the District level football (2015-16)
  • In football open tournament U-17. We were the winner and Anshul kaushal was selected as a best player ( 2017-18)
  • Solan.
  • Aruvansh Chauhan of 8th A class was announced as the best player of the tournament.
  • 2 student were selected for National level tournament ( Aruvansh chauhana and Akshay)
  • Football Open Tournament -19 ( 2018 -19)-3 student selected for state level tournament ( Pankaj, Arvind and Vishal )
  • DSSA Elementary- Our 5 student were selected for the state level tournament
  • 2 student were selected for the National level tournament – Aruvansh chauhan and Akshay Rathore.
  • Cricket tournaments

  • Two students represented school in the National U-16 and U-19 Cricket tournaments.
  • Recently in Khel Mahakhumb, the school had participated in cricket tournament and got the 2nd position (runner up )
  • Hockey tournaments

  • Rythem Kangoo and Anand has represented the school in the District, state level Hockey tournaments.
  • Athletics

  • Students of The Magnet Public School have also been representing school Athletics Tournament organized by DSSA
  • We got the runner up trophy in DSSA Elementary (2017-18)
  • This year Abhay Rathore Participated in District level Athletics tournament at Bhijhri and got selected for state level tournament held at Dharamshala . He will attend National level Tournament at Rohtak(H.R)
  • Abhay Rathore is only boy from Hamirpur who got selected for The Athletics National level Tournament.
  • The Magnet Public School keep up on arranging many inter house sports activities for the betterment of student .It is the result of the hard work of the teacher and the sincere effort of the students due to which we brought many laurels to the school as above.
  • Specialties of the School

  • Best team of teachers for every class.
  • Large number of class wise activities for personality development.
  • Large exposure to the students through various competitions (school level, inter school level etc.)
  • .
  • Special classes for musical instruments by experts.
  • Special classes for developing the reasoning abilities of the students.
  • Special classes for Karate.
  • Genuine Fee Structure.
  • Use of smart classes to teach the content better.
  • Application based teaching of science and mathematics from 6th onwards.
  • Special coaching classes for mathematics and science from 6th onwards.
  • Special coaching classes for JEE/PMT/NDA for the student of +1 and +2.
  • Large exposure to MCQ,s from 6th onwards.
  • Use of active learning methodology for better understanding of the content.
  • Special coaching of various games by experts.
  • The school gives night classes for the betterment of the students.
  • There are specials remedial classes for show learner. NOT only has this school also done gives categorized homework to every student depending upon the level of their understanding.
  • The school also works to improve the general knowledge of the school and for this the school provides GK classes.
  • The Magnet Public School also gives the English speaking atmosphere in the school .For this, the students are given maximum chance to speak and improve their hesitation.
  • The school has a volunteer blood donation group (Smt. Nirmala Devi Volunteer Blood Donation Group). This group has donated more than 50 blood units to different patients requiring blood. In case of any blood emergency contact on the school numbers. Be the part of this group for saving all lives which require blood.