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About Us

The Magnet Public School was founded in 2014. with a noble aim in mind to provide quality education to the students across the state. Yes, The Magnet Public School is an abode of learning where emphasis is on the students’ needs and our educational philosophy is to lay stress on attaining excellence by providing individual attention. Overall social development of the children is carefully nurtured here so that the students may face the challenges of life amidst competition ridden set up of the society. The School prepares children to appear for the HP Board examination. Our education philosophy highlights personal care, counselling to students to dispel whatever doubts they might have, cosy cottages in the hostel and favourable environment for studies. Instead of emphasising rote learning, we encourage debate and promote interactive learning. Keeping in view the requirement of School, when we took a very humble step by laying the foundation stone of an elementary school to fulfil the long awaited and coveted desire of parents, as it is the need of the day, to see their children well verse in all the subjects besides attaining mastery and fluency in English so that they may express themselves without any hesitation at any stage, in every competition and as and when required in their future life.

The socialization of the child is very important to us, which is achieved through a well-conceived house system, individual counselling and healthy competition. School aims to provide a holistic education and has comprehensive facilities to develop the child’s all-round personality. The classrooms are spacious and designed to be equipped with audio-visual aids. In addition, there is a dedicated audio-visual laboratory to enhance teaching methods. A well-designed computer laboratory where each student has an individual machine is available. The library is well stocked with reference, fictional and non-fictional books. It is also equipped with computers to access the internet for reference work. Sufficient space has also been allocated for pursuing the various co-curricular and cultural activities. The music and art rooms are well provided for, and are continuously upgraded. Sports form a significant part of the daily routine in School and all children are required to take part. Residential facilities are available for boys and girls from class KG onwards. Education, thus, is a mission for us that we want to achieve through sweat of brows, zeal, zest and dedication.