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Guideline For Students

Keep this booklet on your study table at home and follow the information and guidelines mentioned therein.

Students should carry his/her diary to school daily.

Do not leave the class without a class pass.

General Instructions :

a) Students are not allowed to bring the following

i) Objectionable literature/audio-visual aids.

ii) Valuable/mobile phones and video games, cash more than Rs.100. The school might confiscate the objectionable material and will not be responsible for the loss of any article.

b) Students must report to the respective class teacher in the event of

i) Any sickness/bruise.

ii) Any breakage

iii) Any errant behaviour on his/her part or committed by his/her class-mates or friends.

c) Behaviour/ Deportment/Speech/Dress/Appearance

i) A student misbehaving with any staff member may be rusticated.

ii) Discipline in the class should be maintained.

iii) Students must avoid loud talk/shouting/derogatory remarks in the school.

iv) Silence in corridors, library and laboratories is mandatory.

v) A student found guilty of any damage to school property will be liable to be penalized and equal amount will be charged from the defaulter.

Vi) Litter must be put into litter bins and waste paper baskets.

vii) All the students are expected to be neat and clean and put on prescribed school uniform on the fixed days.

viii) Shoes need to be polished daily.

ix) Students must converse in English during school hours.

x) Students shall remain within the school premises during intervals/recess. Anybody violating the norms shall be immediately be punished by the in-charge on duty.

xi) All the students must bring their tiffin to school, to be eaten in the recess.