In National level Science Olympiad, Manvi Thakur, Rishika, Ajay Thakur, Priya Verma of 1st class and Aadvik Pawar of 2nd class got Gold Medal. Along with this, Shagun of 3rd class, Vihaan of 4th class, Partigya of 5th class also got Gold Medal. From 6th class, Sweta got Gold Medal from 7th class, Kritika Singh & from 8th class Shubham Rana got Gold Medal in National Level Science Olympiad

Blessing of The Magnet Public School

  • O Heavenly GOD, who has set us here in the majestic grandeur of these mountains—make us even mindful of the abundance of Thy blessings!
  • We praise thee for our School, and for the heritage into which we have entered.
  • Take away for our school from our mind, and cherish and strengthen whatever is best.
  • Bind us more closely together in the spirit of loyalty and service, that our The Magnet Public School may grow in spiritual strength and may become an ever increasing power for spreading the aroma of education and knowledge to all.
  • Bless our The Magnet Public school and all who pass through its halls of learning.
  • May The Magnet teachers be filled with love and skill in imparting true knowledge!
  • May we The Magnet Public School be opened-minded and imbibe the teaching with joy and eagerness!
  • May our The Magnet Public School always be the home of truth and wisdom, faith and good will towards all, helping to build up our community with Education, justice, love and peace!