In National level Science Olympiad, Manvi Thakur, Rishika, Ajay Thakur, Priya Verma of 1st class and Aadvik Pawar of 2nd class got Gold Medal. Along with this, Shagun of 3rd class, Vihaan of 4th class, Partigya of 5th class also got Gold Medal. From 6th class, Sweta got Gold Medal from 7th class, Kritika Singh & from 8th class Shubham Rana got Gold Medal in National Level Science Olympiad

The System Of Award

Prizes will be awarded for outstanding performance in academics, games, sports, hobbies & other outstanding performances.

Evaluation is not less important than teaching. Our evaluation system is devised to develop the habit of regular, systematic & methodical work among the students. There will be four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments in a year as mentioned in the Academic Calendar. Objective type/direct answers/short answer type questions get due weightage in the question papers to make the tests more reliable & comprehensive.

Examination Schedule for Classes XI & XII Session: 2019-20

1st Monthly Test (M1) April
2nd Monthly Test (M2) May
1st Terminal Exam (T1) July
3rd Monthly Test (M3) August
4th Monthly Test (M4) September
5th Monthly Test (M5) October
6th Monthly Test (M6) November
2nd Terminal Exam (T2) Nov/Dec
Revision Test Up to 1st week of December
Pre-board 1 1st week of January
Pre-board –II February 1st week
Annual Exam March

Special Classes

The school holds special coaching classes before and after the school for those who think they need it for their betterment.