In National level Science Olympiad, Manvi Thakur, Rishika, Ajay Thakur, Priya Verma of 1st class and Aadvik Pawar of 2nd class got Gold Medal. Along with this, Shagun of 3rd class, Vihaan of 4th class, Partigya of 5th class also got Gold Medal. From 6th class, Sweta got Gold Medal from 7th class, Kritika Singh & from 8th class Shubham Rana got Gold Medal in National Level Science Olympiad

House System

House system is a service-cum-training organization.

Its aim are ….

To promote the welfare of students.

To promote better student-teacher relationship.

To impart citizenship training.

To encourage self-discipline.

To arouse greater school spirit.

To impart training in the skill of management and leadership. The students have been classified into four houses as under:

  1. Aravali
  2. Neelgiri
  3. Shivalik
  4. Udaygiri House

Each house is headed by a house incharge and a house Captain and Vice-captain ( student). The houses shall perform the following duties in rotation.

  1. To manage the morning assembly.
  2. To write news and a thought for a day on the black board at a central place for display.
  3. To explain the thought in a short speech in the assembly.
  4. To check the late comers.

5.   To help to maintain “order” during recess.
6.   To look after the general cleanliness.
7.   To check the student’s uniform.
8.   To decorate the main entrance of the building.
9.   To make preparation of any function/festival scheduled during the duty.