In National level Science Olympiad, Manvi Thakur, Rishika, Ajay Thakur, Priya Verma of 1st class and Aadvik Pawar of 2nd class got Gold Medal. Along with this, Shagun of 3rd class, Vihaan of 4th class, Partigya of 5th class also got Gold Medal. From 6th class, Sweta got Gold Medal from 7th class, Kritika Singh & from 8th class Shubham Rana got Gold Medal in National Level Science Olympiad

Culture And Co-curricular Activities

Cultural Activities

Our State is known for rich and vibrant cultural heritage. Cultural activities are integral part of our academic year plan. Every year with the permission of parents school organizes educational tours treks and excursions for students.

Co-curricular Activities

The school helps a child to develop his /her aptitude and inborn talents to the fullest extent for which co-curricular activates are obligatory part of school life. Tiny tots of KG and first class are inspired to participate in various games and activities. Students of KG and above have been divided in four houses namely (I) Aravali House (II) Neelgiri House (III) Shivalik House and (IV) Udaygiri House activities are done on Saturday.

  1. Dramatics (Eng.& Hindi)
  2. Indian Music
  3. Hindi/ English Quiz, debate, declamation, Reading, Writing, poems.
  4. Video Film
  5. Science Club
  6. Painting and Drawing
  7. Dance and Songs
  8. Games and Sport Camp
  9. Tie & Dye
  10. Craft & Flower Decoration
  11. Computer Games
  12. Activities for Tiny Tots of LG, Class I & II
  13. Video Film-Viewing T.V.
  14. Paper folding
  15. Free hand painting
  16. Paper tearing and pasting
  17. Thumb painting
  18. Painting with leaf and lady’s fingers etc.
  19. Clay moulding
  20. Cotton work
  21. Celebration Of different anniversaries and Festivals.
  22. Projects on post office, Railway platform, Parks etc.
  23. Rangoli, Face painting.
  24. Cross country.
  25. Eco-friendly Programmes.
  26. Tug of War
  27. Table Tennis
  28. Spoon Race
  29. Badminton
  30. Hula –Hup-Rings Dance
  31. Chess
  32. Carom
  33. Video Movie Viewing
  34. Glass & Ceramic Painting
  35. Sapling Plantation
  36. Various Days/Festival Celebrations.
  37. Skipping & Dodge Ball